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if you turn your reciept over, you will finds in very very faded print, almost impossible to read with the naked eye. i had to photo copy and darken the print to see it . that they have NO RETURNS once inside 48 hours of purchase or after delievry. i bought a desk set for my daughters bday with is this month. the sales person sold me a hutch that sits on top of desk for storage...had no clue that when the hutch sits on the desk you loose 1/2 the desk surface. she could not even lay a text book down. now come on...what good is the desk.

i callled the sales rep and told her it is not functional at all. i wanted to return only the hutch. she told me i had to call the 800 number that she gave me ... i called ...they said they did not handle returns, the local store i called sales rep back...told her what they said...she "seemed" surprised. put me on hold and said she would ask in the office what to do...after a few mins, she came back and said : "we cant return it...after you signed for it on delievery it is yours..." i then asked ....'so no returns", it does not work for us...would not have bought it from you if i could not return it" " sorry no returns."

i could go on and on...

who does not have a return policy?????!!!!!!!!

that is bad business...

i have given them plenty of business over the years...just lucky all the other stuff worked or fit.






Monetary Loss: $100.

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Austin, Texas, United States #721308

I purchased a bunk bed through Rooms to Go Kids in Austin/ Cedar Park area off of Pecon Creek over a month ago (August 17, 2013) for my d-daughters birthday.We had to wait a month for it to come.

The guys came on September 17, 2013 to set it up and I am in a 2 bedroom 2 story apartment. They brought up the side panel, the 2 bed holder boards, and a bunch of different sizes of wood. Then when they tried to get the stairs to the bunk bed up my stairs in my apartment they couldn't fit it. When I asked them to assemble the bunk bed without the stairs I was told they couldn't, it was considered an incomplete project.

So they took the stairs and left the rest of your merchandise in the middle of my daughters room. After spending the day on the phone with your customer service an employees at the store I was told I have to wait a week for someone to come pick up YOUR merchandise. I was also told we would see the money back in our bank within 48 hours of that day(September 17). So the customer service lady reassured me that I was scheduled for someone to pick up the partial merchandise on September 24, 2013...

TODAY. After 2 calls to the store and waiting around all day for your guys to come get your merchandise, I finally get a hold of the store manager. To find out there is no return order and no one has scheduled to pick up anything. The hole process I went through last week has to be re- entered into the computer, and now I have to wait another week...

Not to mention now instead of being told the money would be returned to our bank in 48 hour, I have to wait 2 to 4 days of when you guys decide to pick up YOUR merchandise! Like I mentioned in the beginning I am in a 2 bedroom apartment with 4 people living here, plus I am 8 months pregnant!!! I had to lift the stuff that your employees left in the middle of my daughters room, BEING 8 MONTHS PREGNANT because you guys cant come get YOUR MERCHANDISE on a INCOMPLETE project. Not to mention it is sitting on the side of my daughters room for a week, now 2 weeks.

If something were to happen to my daughters because i have to store your merchandise you will have a lawsuit on your hands. I WILL NOT be held liable for storing your merchandise, and I need to be paid back ASAP!

You will hear from me everyday until your stuff is out of my house and i am payed back in my bank!!!:(

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Wow, I was just planning on buying a particular bunk bed set for my boys and a new mattress for my daughter from RTG, but after reading all these complaints, especially this one since I am in Austin, I now think not.


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