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I purchased three pieces from Rooms To Go Kids in Mesquite Texas. One of the pieces was delivered damaged.

Due to the damage to the right front leg, I noticed how unstable this extremely large peace was. The chest I purchased stands at about five feet. The chest stands on legs, which causes the peace to sway. This peace was for my small child's room that stands about two feet.

I called customer service and voiced my concerns. Their customer service offered to replace the chest free of charge. I then voiced my concerns ounce again and asked if they could just replace the peace with a smaller alternative piece in the collection. I also offered to pay the difference in price.

Their customer service informed me that I would have to repay a delivery charge to get the alternative piece. I then tried to explain to the customer service representative that if your company is planning to replace the damaged piece would not it make better since that you just bring the alternative piece rather than the dangerous chest. The customer service representative then said why would we was our time paying a delivery person to bring out the chest if you are going to replace it. I then said so why would I pay a separate delivery fee when you have to come out to bring the chest any way.

The customer service representative then hung up in my face. I tried calling back to speak to a hire authority figure, but I was told that I had to follow the chain of command and that the person I was speaking to would determine if I could speak to a higher authority figure. The customer services as well as the store manager both refused to give me corporate numbers, regional management, or district manager numbers. The store manager was absolutely no help and very cocky.

He tried to charge me more for the piece I wanted which was marked the same price as my original chest. This company has forgotten that if they lose their customers they lose their business. Rooms To Go has gotten Bigger than the Consumer. To end this I will never shop there again, nor will I advise anyone else to.

This company and its unreasonable staff left me with accepting either the oversize piece and risking the safety of my daughter, or pay to replace the piece delivery fee plus the price-gouging attempt by the Mesquite manager.

The furniture piece I have is unsafe for small children and it should be sold in the original Rooms To Go and not the kids division.

Monetary Loss: $499.

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Having the same issue with them as well. Yes, their customer service is terrible!


Having the same issue with them as well. :( Yes, they're customer service is terrible!


Are you able to send us an email with the order information, along with the details, to us at The way of which the incident was handled is very strange and we would like to see who you spoke with that informed you as such.

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