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Just don't do it. I purchased 6 pieces from Rooms To Go. Had to have doors and drawers replaced multiple times. Doors do not fit properlt, after 3rd door for the vanity - warped again, I gave up.

The knobs fall off. Need to tighten all the knobs every 72 hours...I can't keep up. We have lost one. My daughter pulled it and it fell off somewhere. Over tightened and cracked a few. overtightend on on a mirror drawer fce and shattered the mirror.

Round dresser mirror lost a square - not glued properly. $25oo down the drain.

We are just living with it. But the company, expecially a Disney contractor should make good.

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I've had all of the very same issues...It would be nice if they would at least offer replacement knobs and mirrors it's frustrating to say the least!!! There's no resale value to the furniture so it's not like you can sell it and get something else!!

Mission, Texas, United States #689008

I had the same problem with this furniture! Replaced vanity Mirror three times.

Armoire twice, doors to jewelry box four times, and desk drawers once. All of this was done during initial delivery! Rooms to go left the furniture at my house like it was. When I arrived home I had to call and complain.

From then in it was just redelivery after redelivery. Never offered to let me change furniture for something different. The vanity I have now does not even have the glass table that goes in the center because the glass does not fit. Knobs fall off all the time.

Lost two. Night light on armoire never dimmed. Bed is flimsy my daughter keeps complaining that she thinks it is going to fall apart because the foot board and headboard move so much. Mattress has fallen on her twice while she's been asleep.

Only turns on and off.

Very disappointed in the whole set. So much money for nothing!

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